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Cost management Consulting & advisory

Activity-based Costing (ABC) has been widely used by many companies around the world and proven able to reduce costs by 5% to 30% yet lead to revenue growth of 5% to 15%. ABC is an analytical approach to the study of activities undertaken within an organization and their associated costs/benefits. By implementing this approach, ADCA aims to deliver a value-added service to its clients by enhancing business performance and profitability. ABC will enable management to improve procing policies and understand the major cost drivers within organization. Thus, giving perspective on cause and effect of costs, in addition to accurately reporting where costs have been incurred

Techno-economic analysis

Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) is an analytical tool for judging the economic advantages or disadvantages of an investment decision by assessing its costs and benefits. ADCA have experienced is assist organization and project group in developing Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) decision-making support

Train the trainer (dual certification)

Trainers are required Train The Trainer (TTT) certification in order for them to teach under HRDCorp and other government bodies. Trainer or instructor will be taught the best ways to deliver training materials. With ADCA, you will get Dual Certification by Jabatan Kemahiran Malaysia and HRDCorp

Training & development

ADCA is dedicated to boost a work quality among business owner and employees through effective training method. ADCA have several training courses to offer to meet the gap such as Finance for Non-Finance Professional, Journey Towards Business Excellence: Cost Management, Techno-Economic Analysis and many more