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Activbased Dynamics Consulting & Advisory PLT started its business in 2017 as a Limited Liability Partnership company with its main stream of business in consultation of cost management. ADCA also provides various training courses such as Costing & Accounting for Beginner, Introduction on Activity Based Costing (ABC) for SMEs, and Personal Financial Planning & Management.

ADCA is a highly focused specialist consultant committed to enhance the capacity building and performance enhancement in client businesses and is the leader in the field of activity-based costing (ABC) in Malaysia.

ADCA has a well proven methodology for the implementation of activity-based costing. We have successfully introduced our approach to several of our clients involved in education and power utility industry in Malaysia and are planning to expand to other regional countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand.



We help clients to achieve sustainability in creating business excellent through our profitability and cost management system and design; continuously contribute toward enhancing their business value; care for people and deliver results through innovation


To be a preferred โ€œExpertโ€ Consulting and Training Services Company and Strategic Partner to our clients by 2020 in Profitability and Cost Management System, Business Transformation, Performance Improvement, Capability Development and Continuous Improvement

core values

Client Focus

Our approach is focused on our clients. We are delighted of always thinking in terms of what is best for the client; offering solutions that are not only theoretical, but workable; and being responsible for leading the client along the path to success

Professional Excellence

We offer services of superb quality based on our accumulated, extensive and profound knowledge and experience

Collaboration/ Collegiality

We amass all Activbased individual capabilities into our corporate power. In working as a team that includes the client, we also share a common goal with the client and take full advantage of each other wisdom and experience. Our solutions will necessarily be realistic and become an intrinsic part of the clientโ€™s business

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Our team

Zukifli Zainal Abidin Managing Director
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Zulaikha Athirah Manager Finance & Support
Dr. Jamalludin Helmi Associate Consultant